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My Approach

We all struggle sometimes, all of us. We weren’t given a roadmap or an instruction manual on how to live life, get the most out of it, manage our health and wellbeing and be the best version of ourselves that we can be. We can get stuck with the same issues, going round and round, frustrated that we can’t seem to break these cycles we are in. So getting some help with that is, well, helpful!

I have worked in healthcare for many years both within the NHS and in commissioned services across Eating Disorder services, Mental Health, Specialist Weight Management, Chronic Pain and Fatigue, and Health condition management. I specialise in disordered eating, pain, common mental health challenges and health conditions and take a compassionate, evidence-based and person-centred approach to helping you to develop the understanding, skills, techniques and approaches that will break you out of your tricky cycles and into a happier, healthier you.

We will work together to gain a more holistic understanding of what is going on – a biopsychosocial understanding. Together we can work out what’s keeping you stuck, and then consider what steps you can take to get you ‘un-stuck’ – back living your life, being the best version of you, moving from surviving to thriving.

Contact me for an initial chat. 


Tel: 07551 957922

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